5 smart tips on where and how to save

We all want to save money but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to get started. If you don’t know how to save your money then these easy and realistic money-saving strategies will help you get started!

Use a saving app
If you want to save your money and spend less than your income, start by creating a savings account. Starting small helps build big habitual changes.

A great tip to start is to use a saving app. There are an array of digital apps that can help you to save money, track your savings and even allow you to invest and earn interest. Just make sure they are legit and are licensed by a regulatory body.

Write a budget and stick to it
No matter how much you earn it’s great to have a budget. It is very easy to simply write your budget in Excel or a notebook. Start with writing your income from all sources and subtract your expenses.

When you list it out and see where your spending goes, you will be surprised by one or more items on the list. By visualizing the budget, you will be able to identify elements you can cut within your expenses. Set your maximum budgets for your spending categories and track these elements weekly to ensure the goals set are realistic for you.

Track your spending
When you track your money with intention, you will begin to see trends and easy fixes for you to save. It is essential to keep a record of where you spend and you will see how little expenses add up to a big amount. You may be surprised to know that the airtime or that take-out you buy weekly makes a big dent in your account.

The more you know about your spending the better you can analyze and change your spending behavior. A good tip is to put your expenses and income in a money tracking app. This will help you analyze and see where your money goes.

Buy for your needs not wants
When we are trying to save it is important to make a distinction between our needs and our wants. If you do not need something, try to save the money instead, and if you want to treat yourself then be strategic about it.

If you don’t know where to start, start by shopping during sales. It is one of the simplest ways to save. Purchasing household items when they are on offer rather than waiting until you run out of supplies, can save you significant money.

Buying items when they are on offer, bargaining while shopping, and looking for a reduced section are some of the strategies to save some money while shopping. You can make noteworthy savings using these tricks. But remember… only buy what you need!

Buy locally
Instead of going to big shopping malls far away from your residential areas, choose to purchase your food items and meal ingredients from the market such as fruits and vegetables. It will help you save money. Support your Mama Mboga and build a relationship, she will be able to tell you what is in season and will give you the best value for your money.

Buying locally will allow you to take advantage of the convenience and the proximity of the local market and get a great bargain!

When you are trying to save, every little bit counts, and every small step matters. With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can start saving now!




Koa helps you save and grow your money at the tap of a button. With Koa you can save for what truly matters to you. We help you break down your financial goals

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Koa helps you save and grow your money at the tap of a button. With Koa you can save for what truly matters to you. We help you break down your financial goals

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