We all want to save money but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to get started. If you don’t know how to save your money then these easy and realistic money-saving strategies will help you get started!

Use a saving app
If you want to save your money and spend less than your income, start by creating a savings account. Starting small helps build big habitual changes.

A great tip to start is to use a saving app. There are an array of digital apps that can help you to save money, track your savings and even allow you to…

At Koa, we want to see you win and achieve your financial goals faster by not only saving towards goals that matter to you but also by growing your money, through high interest offered on your savings.

So how exactly does your money grow on Koa?

We have partnered with Britam Asset Managers to grow your money by investing in the Britam Money Market Fund (MMF). When you deposit money into your saving goals, it gets invested into the Britam Money Market Fund. (The Britam MMF is a type of unit trust that invests in high-yielding, low-risk investments such as…

In all facets of life, knowledge is power. This is also true for managing your personal finances. When you understand financial terms and concepts, you make informed decisions on how to spend, save and invest your money. This will help you achieve your financial goals.

In light of the above, we will lightly touch base on common terms associated with savings and investments, to help you get started on your savings journey.

Mutual Fund

Simply put, a mutual fund pools money from a number of investors. This investment fund is managed by licensed asset managers, whose job is to invest…

You know the saying ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. That is true, but we also know that money can make life a lot easier. That is why many of us are running on the treadmill of life, trying to access more.

When we think about financial security, or having good financial health, two words certainly come to mind — saving and investing. To have good financial health, you need to develop the habit of putting money away, as well as have knowledge of how your money can grow. …

Koa is a simple, seamless and hassle-free Savings platform that helps you save and grow your money at the tap of a button. We wanted to provide you with this guide to break down the process of signing up and starting to save with Koa.

Below we will walk you through the step by step process of getting started with Koa. You will first need to start by downloading the app from either the App store of the Google Play store. Once you have downloaded the Koa App on your smartphone. The app will walk you through signup, where you’ll…

Investment is a key component of building wealth and a stress-free future. It’s a great way to manage your money. Everyone wants to invest their savings but the problem is they don’t know how to get started.Following these simple yet golden rules of investing can help you get started and stay on the right track.

Have a plan

Before you invest any of your money, you should know what you are investing in. …

We all make money mistakes especially in our younger years, these habits can be hard to break, so don’t be surprised if you still make some of these mistakes. Financial literacy is a skill that you gain over time. Managing money in the right way is an art! The good news is… anyone can master it!

The key to managing your money is to get into money-saving habits that with time will result in a nice stash of savings in your bank account. …

When it comes to saving money, building good habits is the most important and they will determine how much you can ultimately save. To establish good saving habits it’s going to take a bit of discipline with a dash of dedication and commitment. As a young person, you can make a big difference in your financial health with small changes in your money habits. Here are some simple tips and tricks to save money and become a good saver in the long run.

Stay In!

Rather than paying for expensive drinks, set up house parties or hangouts with your friends…


Koa helps you save and grow your money at the tap of a button. With Koa you can save for what truly matters to you. We help you break down your financial goals

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